Little Mash Up Creatives Exhibition


Little Mash Up Creatives Exhibition


Little Mash Up Creatives Exhibition

Mash Up Creative invites kids to draw their favourite character from any book they have read or are reading.

Being home during COVID-19 has presented a host of new challenges for parents and guardians of young children, the majority of whom are out of school. Yet confinement can also be an opportunity – for learning, creativity and discovery.

To encourage this creativity, Mash Up Creative is inviting children between ages 6 and 12 to draw a character from any book that matters to them, from now until the end of August. This could be a book they have read or are reading.

Mash Up Creative will be exhibiting a selection of these drawings, chosen for their artistry, originality and diversity, on the Mash Up Creative Website.

Entries require parental or guardian consent and must be shared through their Instagram or Facebook account on behalf of the participating child. To be eligible, the Instagram account through which the entries are published MUST be set as ‘Public’ so that they are visible to Mash Up Creative and use the hashtag #LittleMashUpCreatives

How to participate:

  1. Follow Mash Up Creative on Instagram (@mashup_creative) and like our Facebook page (@MashUpCreative)
  2. “Like” and Share the posts on the Little Mash Up Creatives Call
  3. Create and Publish a picture by using the Online Sketch Platform or by using paper, markers, and crayons.
  4. For the online option Draw, Sketch, Paint, when done then, add name and surname of little artist and the story character to the bottom of the artwork and click finish and screen grab the picture.
  5. On Social Media, add a short description of an artwork inspired by the character on Instagram or Facebook, post the screen grab/photo including the artist’s name, age, province/town/city and the hashtags #LittleMashUpCreatives and tagging @mashup_creative on Instagram and @MashUpCreative on Facebook

We hope that through this initiative, children will be able to express their creativity during this difficult time.

Teachers are encouraged to support and share this initiative among their networks.

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